Sunion solutions

Developing and Implementing and Manufacturing Solutions

Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Design
- Responsive and innovative concept designers
- Broad-based engineering knowledge and interative design process
- Experienced development cycle competency:- directing the development of conceptual designs, integrating manufacturing realities, translating content into 2D and 3D drawing
- Multiple-generation prototypes, concept models and hand-made samples
- Extensive knowledge of package and pack out design

Production Tooling and Manufacturing Engineering
- Working Prototyles; Soft Tool
- Production Mold Building
- Weekly progress reports provided throughout the tool build
- Quality Planning; Materials Engineering and Process

Injection Moulding and Metal Fabrication
- We design and deliver visually critical as well as tight tolerance components of the highest quality
- Injection molded parts and complete products in your choice of specified materials or from suplied materials
- We have experience with, but are not limited to glasss-filled plastics, nylons, polypropylene, polyethyleacetyl, ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastromers, rubber, flexible PVC

Metal Fabrication
- Metal Fabrication such as turret, press break, casting, CNC machining, extrusions, fabrication, forging, laser cutting, stamping and welding

Assembly & Full Finished Product Build
- We engineer and set up fully customized assembly lines to satisfy our customers' production volume needs
- Manual, mechanical, electrical, electronic, semi-automated and robot-assisted assembly
- Full finished product build and robotic assembly machine
- Cello wrap, polybag, blister pack, skin pack and shrink wrap packaging

Testing, Quality Certification & Quality-Assurance
- ISO-9001 registered facilities
- Environmental compliance testing
- Vibration compliance testing
- Custom "Life cycle" testing
- Custom "First article" inspection
- Work closely and cooperate fully with independent
"Third-party" inspection agencies and agents